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Wire in a fire representing 7 games, a government for hire, & a combat site

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9 September 1987
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Hi, I'm Don, I'm a freshman @ YSU.. As far as music, I love country & not much else, with the possible exception of BIlly Joel, Don McLean, and soundtracks (movies & plays). I'm single. My favorite movies are "JFK" ("Back...and to the left"), "Liar, Liar" ("Here she comes to wreck the DAAAAAAAAAAAAY!"), and, of course, "Rain Man" ("Uh-oh, three minutes to Wapner.")My favorite songs are everything Garth Brooks has ever recorded (especially "Much Too Young" & the live version of "Friends In Low Places"), Montgomery Gentry's "Gone", Big & Rich's "Comin' To Your City", Phil Vasser's "Good Old Days", Craig Morgan's "Redneck Yacht Club", among countless others. My favorite TV shows are "The Drew Carey Show", "NewsRadio" and "Countdown With Keith Olberman".

30/90, adam pascal, andy dick, another day, anthony rapp, anything goes, bat boy the musical, being online, beth, betrayed ("producers" song), bill mcneal, broadway on bryson, catherine duke, celebrate, central park, charlie babbit, chris ledoux, coast to coast live, cosmo kramer, countdown with keith olberman, country music, croke park, daphne rueben-vega, dave foley, dave nelson, double live, edgar (bat boy), elaine benes, finale b (rent), fletcher reede, fresh horses, friends, friends in low places, game shows, garth brooks, garth brooks (the album), george constanza, golden_road.net, good ride cowboy, goodbye love, gsn, halloween (rent song), i'll cover you reprise, idina menzel, imdb, in pieces, ireland and back, jerry seinfeld, jesse l. martin, jfk conspiracy theories, jim garrison, jimmy james, jimmy kimmel, jimmy mattingly, joe garelli, jonathan larson, la vie boheme, leno, letterman, liar liar, life support(rent song), light my candle, lisa miller, live from central park, mark cohen, matthew brock, maureen johnson, mimi marquez, miss me baby, more than a memory, newsradio, no day but today, no fences, oliver!, one song glory, out tonight, over the moon, plays, rain man, raymond babbit, rent, rent (the song), reunion arena, rising sun dvds, roger davis, ropin' the wind, rosario dawson, santa fe, scarecrow, seasons of love, seinfeld, seussical, sevens, south padre island, tango: maureen, taye diggs, texas stadium, the chase, the forum, the limited series two, the miracle worker, the price is right, the producers, the tune-ups (rent), the ultimate hits, this is garth brooks, tick...tick..boom!, today 4 u, tom collins (rent character), urinetown, we can do it, what you own, will i?, without you, you'll see, your eyes

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